Ngee Ann Cultural Centre

The main objective of Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, which was established in 1998 and a subsidiary of The Ngee Ann Kongsi, is to raise Singapore’s cultural profile, particularly in the Chinese culture, especially Teochew values and art, as well as, improve public access to the arts. Today, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre has become one of the notable arts and cultural hubs.  In order to encourage Singaporeans to experience the arts, the centre organises and grants art exhibitions and cultural events regularly.

Its annual large-scale art exhibitions and events, Ngee Ann Photographic ExhibitionNational Day Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition cum Student’s Calligraphy Competition, Teochew Cultural Festival and National Teochew Artists’ Exhibition, showcase artworks of various methodologies and disciplines. These exhibitions are essentially platforms for local art practitioners to generate dialogues and engagement with their audiences. Each exhibition brings together more than 100 established and emerging artists, and displays over 250 art pieces. Over the years, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre had also collaborated with Chinese artists and organisations to deliver its intent to promote Chinese art and cultures. Those art and cultural exchanges had helped to foster friendly relations and mutual understanding between the two countries.

Other than art exhibitions, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre also holds regular seminars on various subjects such as Chinese customs and practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Buddhist practices and beliefs etc. Other cultural events include Students’ Calligraphy Competition, Chinese Opera performances, workshops and course.

Situated in Teochew Building, the centre is well-equipped with an exhibition hall, auditorium and several activity rooms. These venues are available to local and overseas artists or cultural organisations. Often, the events and activities held in the premises are endorsed by Ngee Ann Cultural Centre. Ngee Ann Cultural Centre aims to engage the public and foster deeper appreciation for the arts and our heritage.

For organisations or individuals who wish to hire premises at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, see Venue for more information.

Opening ceremony by 34th NAK President, Mr Teo Soo Chuan and Vice President, Dr Lim Kee Ming