Teochew Memorial Park

Other than looking after the well-being of early Teochew immigrants,  The Ngee Ann Kongsi also ensured that those Teochews have a final resting place.

The Ngee Ann Kongsi owned several burial lands including ‘Guang En Shan’ in Thomson, ‘Guang Xiao Shan’ in Upper Bukit Timah, ‘Guang Shou Shan’ in Clementi, ‘Guang Yi Shan’ in Upper Serangoon, ‘Guang Xiao Shan’ in Upper Bukit Timah, ‘Guang De Shan’ in Sembawang / Yishun, ‘Guang Ren Shan’ in Changi, ‘Hong Qiao Tou’ in Kampong Java and ‘Tai Shan Ting’ in Orchard. Tai Shan Ting is where Ngee Ann City stands presently and Guang Shou Shan in Clementi is the site on which Ngee Ann Polytechnic now stands.


When numerous Teochew cemeteries were excavated or acquired by the government, the Teochew Memorial Park was set up in Yishun to house those unclaimed remains relocated from these sites. Teochew Memorial Park is a resting place for about 20,000 cremated remains. The 6-acre Memorial Park – also known as ‘Guang De Shan’ – is leased by The Ngee Ann Kongsi from the government for 30 years. Annually, The Ngee Ann Kongsi and other Teochew organisations conducts prayers ceremony and rites at the Memorial Park.