Annual National Teochew Artists’ Exhibition

Introduction of Annual Ngee Ann National Teochew Artists’ Exhibition (TAE)

Ever since its establishment in 1998, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre (NACC), a subsidiary of The Ngee Ann Kongsi, has been actively promoting local arts and culture. The annual National Teochew Artists’ Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition (TAE) was first introduced in the same year as a platform for local Teochew artists to showcase their works and talents in traditional Chinese calligraphy, Chinese ink painting and Western paintings. The exhibition was renamed “Ngee Ann National Artists’ Exhibition” (TAE) in 2015 in order to showcase more genres of visual arts.

In the past two decades, the exhibition has attracted hundreds of fellow Teochew artists, including professionals, amateurs, art enthusiasts and even young talents to the exhibition and displayed thousands of artworks.

In conjunction with the annual exhibition, NACC established the “Ngee Ann Artist of the Year Award” way back in 1999. Each November at the Opening Ceremony of TAE, the prestigious Award is presented to a renowned local Teochew artist to honour his/her personal achievement in the pursuit of art creation and remarkable contribution to local arts scene. The Award also serves as an inspiration to young generation of artists.

The 21st Ngee Ann National Teochew Artists’ Exhibition 2019