Empowering youths and enabling access

More than $1.7 million disbursed under enhanced Tertiary Awards

In early 2020, The Ngee Ann Kongsi unveiled a new name and enhancements to its annual Tertiary Awards, to provide greater support for Teochew Singaporeans and Permanent Residents amidst rising cost of living and tuition fees. The Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Awards (formerly known as the Tertiary Scholarship and Bursary Awards) consists of scholarships for students with stellar academic results, and study awards for those who may require financial assistance.

Doubling down on support rendered

Enhancements to the Awards include an increase to the value of scholarships and study awards disbursed, the addition of a new award category, and allowing more than one award recipient within a family. The Kongsi disbursed more than $1.7 million in total for AY2020/21, an 86 per cent increase from the previous academic year.

Scholarship recipients in University each received up to $12,000 for AY2020/21 (up from $10,000 previously), while those in Polytechnic each received up to $4,500 (up from $4,000 previously). Meanwhile, study award recipients in University each received up to $7,000 (up from $5,000 previously), and those in Polytechnic each received up to $3,000 (up from $2,500 previously).

The Distinguished Scholar Award was also added to the Tertiary Awards, presented to outstanding applicants in University with all-rounded achievements. Recipients received full coverage of their tuition fees for the academic year, and an allowance of $8,000.

Lastly, the Kongsi ceased the practice of limiting one award recipient per family, as it recognised the growing need to bolster support to the increasing number of needy families with more than one child pursuing tertiary education concurrently. Prior to this, the Kongsi focused on allocating resources to ensure that the Awards benefited as many families as possible.

 Bridging access to opportunities

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Awards was launched in the 1950s, and have benefited an average of 165 students annually for the past three years. Reiner Ng, a Scholarship recipient for four consecutive years, shared with Lianhe Zaobao how the scholarship enabled him to pursue his passion in Psychology, and how he intends to help the society at large through research, especially in the areas of ageing and healthy living.

As the demographics and needs of the Singapore community evolve over time, the Kongsi is always considering ways to better support Teochew families in Singapore. It hopes to continue nurturing the next generation, such as students like Reiner, through education, and empowering them to pursue their aspirations.