The Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Awards for Academic Year 2024/25 FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)


1.  Can I apply if I do not have a letter of offer from the local institution?

No, we only accept your application if your letter of offer is valid.

2. If I am not successful in my application for scholarship, will I automatically be considered for study award?

This is at the discretion of the selection panel.

3. What is the difference between scholarship and study award?

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarships are awarded to students with good academic results.

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Study Awards are given to students who need financial assistance. We will be mainly assessing the household income of the applicant and the applicant must have at least a pass grade in the subjects taken. 

4. Can I send my application and supporting documents by normal mail?

The onus is on you, the applicant, to ensure that your application reaches us. Therefore, we encourage you to send your application through registered mail. If your application is late or incomplete, it will not be considered. 


1.  Can I apply for The Ngee Ann Kongsi Distinguished Scholar Award/ The Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship if I am currently holding another scholarship?

No. Applicants cannot concurrently hold scholarships from other organisations. 

2.  Can I apply for scholarship/study award if I have been admitted into an overseas university?

No. The Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Awards are only for students of local university or polytechnic.

3.  Can I apply for scholarship/study award if I am doing another diploma, bachelor’s degree or Master/PhD degree course?

No. The Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Awards are only for students doing their first diploma or first degree in a local university or polytechnic respectively.  In other words, anyone who already has a first diploma or first degree from any institution, be it local or overseas, will not be eligible.  

4.  Can I apply if I am a foreign student studying in a local university/polytechnic?

Sorry, applications are open to Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents only.

5. I am going to be a first-year student in the polytechnic/university this coming semester (April/July-August) when the term starts. Can I apply?

Yes. You can apply using your “O” and “A” level/Polytechnic results.

6.  Can my sibling(s) and I apply for the scholarship/study award concurrently?

Yes.  The restriction of one award per family has been lifted.    

7. What are the criteria needed to be awarded the scholarship? Is there a minimum requirement of academic grades?

Applicants will be assessed mainly on their academic results and co-curricular activities performance. The benchmark used differs year by year and is set according to the overall academic quality of the applicants during that year by our Education Sub-Committee. Decisions by the Sub-Committee are final.

8. What are the criteria needed to be awarded the study award? Is there a household income ceiling?

Applicants will be assessed mainly on their household income. The benchmark used differs year by year and the household income ceiling is set according to the average household per capita income of the applicants, with reference made to prevailing governmental regulations during that year by our Sub-Committee.  Decisions by the Sub-Committee are final.

9. I am currently serving National Service and I have gained admission into a local university upon completing my NS. Can I apply for NAK scholarship/study award now?

No. The Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Awards are only for students currently in the local university and polytechnic or starting their university/polytechnic education in the coming semester. You can only apply during the year in which you are entering polytechnic/university, i.e. after NS.


1. If I am not in Singapore during the application period, can I apply later?

Applications will only be accepted during the application period.

2. I am a previous applicant. Can you refer to my previous application so that I do not have to submit the documents again?

No, we treat each application as new and will not refer to previous years’ application forms.  The same applies to past recipients of The Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Scholarships/Bursaries / Study Awards.

3. Where can I obtain my Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) / Cumulative Average Point (CAP) Score?

CGPA or CAP score can be found on the academic transcripts. To facilitate the processing of the applications, it is necessary for the applicant to provide the CGPA/CAP score. In the event that it is not available on the computer print-out result slips, please provide all semesters results obtained. Failure to do so will result in the application being void.

4. Is computer print-out of my results acceptable?

Yes. However, official transcripts will be preferred. We understand that the official transcripts may not reach the applicant in time during the application period; therefore in this case, the latest results printed out from the institutions’ intranet will be accepted.

5.  Do I have to indicate the annual income of my parents and/or siblings if I apply for the scholarship?

Yes, so long as they are living in the same household.

6. Do I have to attach documents pertaining to my family members’ income if I apply for the scholarship?

No. You would only need to indicate their income in the form. Supporting documents are not required.

7. Do I have to declare any previous scholarship/bursary awards that I have received from The Ngee Ann Kongsi?

Yes. This will facilitate the processing of the application.

8. What documents must I submit to prove my household income if I apply for study award?

Download Self-declaration forms 

Other documentation

Other documents that show the financial standing of your family. 


1. Do I have to serve a bond upon receipt of the scholarship/study award?

No. This is a bond-free scholarship/study award.

2.  If I am successful in my application for the scholarship/study award, does that mean that I will have the scholarship/study award for the entire duration of my course?

No. The scholarship or study award is only for one academic year. Applicants have to re-apply in the following year if they wish to be considered again.

3. If I am shortlisted for the interview but I cannot turn up for the interview due to overseas internship/exchange programme, will my application be considered?

Yes, if you submit an official letter from your institution to show that the internship/exchange programme is endorsed and arranged by your institution.

4. If I am shortlisted for an interview, but could not make it at the stipulated date or time, can I request for a change of date/time?

Yes, if you have valid reasons. However, we cannot ensure that your request can be acceded to in view of increasing number of interviewees over the years.  Any last-minute changes will disrupt the interviewing process. Changes will be done solely on a case-by-case basis and subject to availability of time-slots.

5. When can I receive the award if I am successful in my application for the scholarship/study award?

Once we have received all signed undertaking forms from the awardees, we will process the payment to be sent to the respective institutions to disburse the award to the awardees.
This is estimated to be in September/October and January/February in the following year (award to be disbursed in two semesters).

6. Can you send the money to me directly?

No. The award will be sent to your institution in two semesters to be disbursed to you.


The Ngee Ann Kongsi reserves the right to amend these rules without notice. 

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