Oh Khang Lark-NACC Adviser

Oh Khang Lark was born in 1915, in the town of Chaozhou, China, and arrived in Singapore in 1933. He studied at Duran Government High School and was greatly influenced by the principal, Mr. Chen Renhao, who was a reputable Chinese Calligrapher. In 1962, Mr Oh won the first prize in the “All High School Chinese Calligraphy Competition”. Following that he studied Chinese Calligraphy and Seal

engraving under Mr. Shi Xiang Tuo, a renowned master in Chinese pictograms

calligraphy and petroglyphs.

Mr Oh was an enthusiastic student in the pursuit of this interest. In 1967, he and five

other friends formed the Molan Art Association to promote the traditional Chinese art forms in Singapore. Due to the sudden onset of an eye ailment, he ceased his beloved art pursuit and focused on his design lecturing career.

He resumed his presence in the art scene after his retirement in 2015. Regardless of his vexing eye problems, he painstakingly works on refine artwork like seal engravings, miniature calligraphy based on long Buddhist scriptures.

Oh has been actively participating in the annual Teochew Artists Exhibitions over the year. In 2024, Oh was appointed as the calligraphy adviser of the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre.