19th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition 2024-Open Category

The following shortlisted photos from Open Category will be exhibited at NAPE 2024.

Opening Ceremony: 7 June 2024, Friday, 7pm

Exhibition period: 8-16 June 2024

Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts  (1 McNally St, Singapore 187940)


Flexible Performance Space

Praxis Space, Project Space

Brother Joseph McNally Gallery

Entry No. Name 姓名 Title of Entry Photograph Size of Photograph
A001 Teochew alex   汉文皇后 12“ x 16”
A002 TAN JUN HAO 陈俊豪 selamat hari raya aidilfitri 12“ x 18”
A003 Wong king kiat   Urban Wildlife 12“ x 18”
A004 Kevin Fan Kei Yim 樊纪严 Night at the opera 12“ x 18”
A006 Farha Patel   Bird amongst the berries. 12“ x 18”
A007 Seah Wee Meng Michael 佘伟明 Our China town.  12“ x 18”
A008 Wong Hock Weng 黄福荣 Misty Moring River 12“ x 18”
A009 Leon Puah Phen Yi   The Right Moment Other
A010 Ng Jing Han 黄靖涵 Surrounded by Mountains 12“ x 18”
A011 NG CHOON WEE 黄俊伟 Solitary Wait 12“ x 18”
A012 LOW BUAY TONG 刘培东(流云) 丝丝之鷺 12“ x 18”
A013 Loh Charn Whye   DBS Marina Regatta 2018 12“ x 18”
A014 WONG TWEE LIANG 王绥良 海上独奏 12“ x 16”
A015 NG CHOON OW   Joo Chat (B) 12“ x 18”
A016 Goh Teck Leong  吴德隆 Warriors in action  12“ x 18”
A018 Kelvin Chua    Tea Time 12“ x 16”
A019 Kathy Ang Poh Hong 洪宝风 Chasing 12“ x 16”
A020 NG SOON HIN JIMMY   Capturing Serenity 12“ x 18”
A021 Lee YIng Sheng 李颍晟 In the zone 12“ x 18”
A022 Chua Pang Tiong 蔡邦忠 Ants fighting 12“ x 18”
A024 KEOK MEI LOOI 郭伟女 Asian koel 12“ x 18”
A025 Chong Lip Mun   Maiden Flight 12“ x 18”
A026 Danielle Xaviera Chloe Poon Yen Chen   Resurrecting Respite 12“ x 16”
A027 Hong Khai Piaw 韩启彪 The majestic Wang Kang Barge 12“ x 18”
A028 Li YaLi 李亚丽 In deep thoughts 12“ x 18”
A029 Chang Ka Fai 曾家辉 Golden rays illuminating Singapore 12“ x 18”
A030 Loke Peng Fai 陆炳辉 Zebras 12“ x 18”
A031 FONG Yew Chan   Sunset at Dongshuimen Bridge 东水门长江大桥 12“ x 18”
A032 LIM YONG SOON (RICHARD)   Fearless and Bold 12“ x 18”
A033 See Chin Foo 徐锦福 Banded Flower Mantis 2023 12“ x 18”
A034 Ng Swee Ngor 黄瑞娥 Celebration of the Year 12“ x 18”
A035 Yeo Eng Siong 杨永祥 Eagle Hunting Bats 12“ x 18”
A037 Wang Chew Hoon 王兆纶 Under water 12“ x 18”
A038 ENG ENG KEOW 翁瑛矫 #篁岭晒秋 12“ x 18”
A040 Tan Ying Nian 陈映年 初雪 12“ x 18”
A041 Goh Kee Choon   Last Batches 12“ x 18”
A043 TAN JOO TONG 陈有栋 上妆 12“ x 18”
A044 Poo Jia Jian 傅佳健 Tenggerese Horseman and Steed 12“ x 18”
A047 Ng Yak Whee 黄意会 画猫 painting cat  12“ x 16”
A048 Roland U   Walking away 12“ x 16”
A049 TAN TECK BEN 陈德明 Drum performance 12“ x 18”
A055 Pang Teng Lin 冯廷莲 Light and Shadows 1 12“ x 16”
A057 Justin Tan   Lion Dance 12“ x 16”
A059 Ang Kern Liang   Power of Ying & Yang 12“ x 18”
A061 Dion Ong Din 王登 Blinding Beauty Other
A062 Brian Low Chang Lin 刘昶临 Tranquility  12“ x 18”
A063 Olene Chick Yunqin 植韵琴 鸳鸯++ 12“ x 18”
A064 Lucy Seah Siew Wah 谢秀华 Giant Ant 12“ x 18”
A070 LAU SOO YEN 刘书缘 Little India 12“ x 18”
A073 Doris ChouSok Lai 蔡嘉丽 艳樱舞 12“ x 18”
A074 Than Poh Huat   Kin Jay  12“ x 16”
A075 Lee Siok Chin Susan   12“ x 16”
A077 Lim Swee San 林瑞珊 渔港 12“ x 18”
A078 Ng Jun Yang   Warmth Amidst Chill: Acts of Care in Cold Weather 12“ x 16”
A079 Jediel Yew Shen   Grapplers 12“ x 18”
A080 William Cai   Reflection 12“ x 18”
A081 TAY SWEE YUAN 戴瑞源 A Fruitful Reward 12“ x 16”
A083 Lee Kah Hwee 李家緯 Dance 2 12“ x 16”
A085 Barry Seah Zhen Peng 邵振鹏 Chilling under the starry night skies 12“ x 18”
A087 Tan Juan Sheng   Running in line 12“ x 18”
A088 Wong Choh Foo   DUO Honey Comb 12“ x 18”
A090 Chua Khong Huat 蔡光发 梦幻卡帕多西亚(Cappadocia) 12“ x 18”
A091 GAN SIOW LING, WINNIE   The spirit of Diligence and Perseverance 12“ x 16”
A092 Er Beng Lee   Face Off 12“ x 18”
A092 Er Beng Lee   Feeding Time 12“ x 18”
A095 Wong sai fat 黃世發 Lemon 柠檬 12“ x 16”
A097 Boo Hong Boon   Tulips 12“ x 18”
A098 Huang Xin’en Magdalene  黄欣恩 传承 12“ x 16”
A099 Tey Kok Siong 郑国祥 二十四节令鼓 2 12“ x 18”
A100 Khng Hwee Hoon 康慧芬 Swimming in the Sky! 12“ x 16”
A101 Chan Hon Onn 陈汉安 Performance 2 Other
A102 Tan Peng Chee 陈鹏志 法海茫茫,“归”向何处。 12“ x 16”
A104 Tan Seah Nguan   Hong Kong Museum of Art 12“ x 16”
A105 HEI KIU AU 歐熹橋 Fading Glory Other
A108 KEE YUN XIAN 纪允贤 Silent Devotion: Temple Prayer 12“ x 18”
A113 Chai Suth Fen 蔡淑芬 Perseverance 12“ x 16”
A114 Joanne Chua Pey Ping 蔡珮萍 Magic hour @ KL Tower 12“ x 18”
A118 Michael Toh Joo Chiang 卓裕章 Challenge 12“ x 18”
A118 Michael Toh Joo Chiang 卓裕章 On Target 12“ x 18”
A122 Lai Sen Fong 赖善芳 相会 12“ x 18”
A124 Seah Poh Siang 佘 保 祥 12“ x 18”
A127 Chua Seng Han Michael   Sainte-Chapelle 12“ x 18”
A132 Low Kok Hua Low Kok Hua Different Perspectives 12“ x 16”
A133 GOH BOK QUEY   Happy Songkran Festival (1) 12“ x 18”
A134 Teo Chuan Yeow   Expert builder 12“ x 16”
A136 Tan Juay Khoon David 陈锐坤 Tranquility of Hallstatt town 12“ x 18”
A143 Shaleen Porwal   A view of CNY market  Other
A148 Yap Guan Kwee 叶元贵 YES PERFECT IN 12“ x 18”
A153 TEO SIOK WAH 张淑华 葵之向阳 12“ x 18”