Shortlisted Entries of 18th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition 2023-Open Category

The following shortlisted photos from Open Category will be exhibited at NAPE 2023.

Exhibition period: 10-18 June 2023

Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts: Flexible Performance Space (1 McNally St, Singapore 187940)

Serial No.
Name (English)
Name (Chinese)
Title of Entry 
Overall (cm)
L x W
A001-01 LO CHI MUN, NATALIE 羅子敏 Cherry Blossoms 12″x16″
A002-2 Low Buay Tong 刘培東  出水之鸥 12″x18″
A003-1 Lee Tak Yin   Ant 12″x18″
A004-2 Ang Kern Liang   City of the Arts 12″x18″
A005-1 John Wong Hock Weng 黄福荣 Chingay Performance 12″x18″
A006-2 Wee Pang Hwee   Seside Sunset 12″x18″
A007-01 Antonius   Transporting in Time 12″ x 16″
A009-02 Ng Swee Ngor 黄瑞娥 Weekend Leisure 12″x18″
A010-1 Kevin Fan Kei Yim 樊纪严 Breaking Dawn 12″ x 18″
A011-1 Goh Teck Leong 吴德隆 Hanoi Vietnam 12″ x 18″
A013-1 Seah Wee Meng Michael 佘伟明 Wither 12″ x 16″
A013-2 Seah Wee Meng Michael 佘伟明 Vilot. 12″ x 18″
A015-1 Ang Kwang Wee Peter 洪廣為 汉服+美女 12″ x 16″
A016-1 Wong Twee Liang 王绥良 Love is in the air 12″ x 18″
A017-2 Keith Allan Yeo Shanhui 杨善辉 Kashmiri Boy 12″ x 18″
A018-2 Seah Siew Wah Lucy 谢秀华 Golden Dome of Masjid Sultan 12″ x 18″
A019-2 Low Zhi Xuan 羅芷軒

Bridging Communities:

the Power of Art to Open Hearts and Minds

12″ x 16″
A020-2 Chang Show Jen 張受人 牛童 12″ x 18″
A021-2 Eng Eng Keow Shirly 翁瑛矫 Layer of Frames 12″ x 16″
A022-1 Ang Poh Hong Kathy   Light Up 12″ x 16″
A023-2 Kelvin Chua   Watching 12″ x 16″
A024-2 Lau Soo Yen 刘书缘 12″ x 18″
A025-1 Rachel Lim Swee San 林瑞珊 一双一对 12″ x 18″
A026-1 Soh Mei Mei Bibi 苏美美 Sunrise at Bedok Reservoir 12″ x 16″
A027-2 Chan Hon Onn   Salt field 12″ x 16″
A029-2 Huang Xin’en Magdalene 黄欣恩  A White Swan
白天 鹅
A030-1 Seah Poh Siang 佘保祥 佛光普照    Buddha’s light 12″ x 18″
A031-1 Gina Ng Zhi Ting   Chinese Opera with Mask 12″ x 16″
A032-1 Tan Peng Hor 陈炳和 City Vibes 12″ x 16″
A033-2 Goh Aik Chuan 吴益全 Uninhibited Joy 12″ x 16″
A034-2 Yap Khuan Joo 叶宽裕 yduts 12″ x 18″
A035-1 Keok Mei Looi,Winnie 郭伟女 Dancing Pelican 12″ x 18″
A036-1 Tan Ying Nian 陈映年 孤独 12″ x 18″
A037-1 Pang Teng Lin 冯廷莲 The Future City 12″ x 16″
A037-2 Pang Teng Lin 冯廷莲 A devotee in a traditional outfit 12″ x 16″
A038-1 William Cai   Singapore in a Roller Coaster 12″ x 18″
A039-1 Chua Pang Tiong 蔡邦忠 A Step Away 12″ x 18″
A040-2 Er Beng Lee   Building A Home In The Air 12″ x 18″
A041-1 Ang Swee Leng Lawrence 洪瑞龍 Swimming in Circles 12″ x 18″
A042-2 Tianlu Zhou 周天璐 Flowers in Sea 12″ x 16″
A043-2 Choy Sok Lai 蔡沄栗 舞者 12″ x 18″
A044-1  Iman Sengupta   Static Journey 12″ x 18″
A045-1 Ng Chee Kong  吴志剛

The Golden Finale:

The Last Shop in Golden Mile Complex

12″ x 16″
A046-1 Wong Sai Fat 黄世發 赤火 12″ x 16″
A046-2 Wong Sai Fat 黄世發 刺青 12″ x 16″
A047-1 Hong Khai Piaw 韩启彪 Backstage of Teochiew Opera show 1 12″ x 18″
A048-2 Chew Wee Khiang Andy NA Nanxun 12″ x 18″
A049-2 Chua Khong Huat 蔡光发 邪恶与正义 12″ x 18″
A050-1 Lee Siok Chin 李素珍 12″ x 18″
A050-2 Lee Siok Chin 李素珍 12″ x 18″

Holding your own world

in the palms of your hands

12″ x 18″
A052-1 Teo Sock Mui   Swaying high 12″ x 18″
A052-2 Teo Sock Mui   A new morning 12″ x 18″
A053-1 Chan Kok Peng 曾国平   12″ x 18″
A054-1 Tan Juay Khoon David 陈锐坤 DC Tower-1 (Vienna) 12″ x 18″
A054-2 Tan Juay Khoon David 陈锐坤 Masks Play 12″ x 18″
A055-2 Tan Joo Tong 陈有栋 露宿者 12″ x 18″
A056-1 Michael Toh Joo Chiang 卓裕章 On Target 12″ x 18″
A056-2 Michael Toh Joo Chiang 卓裕章 Portrait Of A Young Eagle Hunter 12″ x 18″
A057-2 Tey Kok Siong 郑国祥 儿童戏剧演出 12″ x 18″
A058-1 Tan How Jwat 陈豪锐 Cathedral of good shepherd 12″ x 18″
A058-2 Tan How Jwat 陈豪锐 Surrounded 12″ x 18″
A060-1 Tan Peng Chee 陈鹏志 是不是在这样的星空下,才让人浮想联翩。                                                                                               12″ x 18″
A061-1 Tan Hang Khoon Benjamin 陈瀚坤 A Brother’s Love 12″ x 18″
A062-1 Tan Juan Sheng 陈元胜 Sea gypsy kids 12″ x 18″
A063-1 Tan Ji Koong 陈志群 Reflection 12″ x 18″
A064-1 Tan Chin Bee, Spencer   The Black Crinoline 12″ x 18″
A065-2 NG XIN LUI 黄芯蕾 A selection from ‘Minute Discoveries’ 12″ x 16″
A066-1 Loi Teck Kiow 黎德娇 云雾飄渺 12″ x 18″
A067-1 Teo Siok Wah   Farewell performance in memory 12″ x 18″
A068-1 Wong Wah Kean 黄桦坚 几度夕阳红 12″ x 18″
A069-2 Tang Tuck Kong 邓德刚 I can do it 12″ x 16″
A070-1 Yeo Eng Siong 杨永祥 Photographs 12″ x 18″
A071-1 Toh Bong Lee 卓梦妮 Courage (勇) 12″ x 16″
A073-1 Gan Siow Ling   A Teochew Opera Actor 12″ x 18″
A074-2 BENEMERITO HERMIE AGLIBA   Tribu 12″ x 18″
A075-1 Tan Teck Ben 陈德明 Long exposure 12″ x 18″
A076-1 LUI WAH HON 吕华汉 夜晚光彩 12″ x 18″
A077-1 Than Poh Huat   Chasing the Fire Dragon 1 12″ x 18″
A081-2 Lim Qingfu   两个人的浪漫 12″ x 18″
A082-2 Agnes Sardia Tono     12″ x 16″
A083-1 Guek Peng Siong 倪炳容

Milkyway above Wat Sirindhorn

Wararam during blue hour

12″ x 18″
A084-2 Loh Wan Loong  

Captured Dreams: A Photo That Evoke the

Frustration of Limited Opportunities in the City

12″ x 18″
A085-2 JEROME LEE JUN JIE   Defence Singapore 12″ x 18″
A086-1 Lim Kok Wee 林国伟 Rhythmic Revelr 12″ x 18″
A088-2 Tan Chin Hock   Grandma’s escorters 12″ x 18″
A089-1 Lai Sen Fong 赖善芳 舞影翩迁 12″ x 18″
A090-2 Goh Kee Choon 吴其骏 Medical Hall 12″ x 18″
A092-2 Yeaw Choon Wee 侯俊伟 Fruits of Labor 12″ x 16″
A093-2 Travis Lee Chin Tuan  李振端 Nature’s reflection and perspectives 12″ x 18″
A094-1 Bugay, Rodenson Bugay   Jump around 12″ x 18″
A095-1 Mohamad Ferdaus Bin Salleh   One Last Look 12″ x 16″
A097-2 Muhammad Hafizh Bin Abdul Ghani   Rows of cars 12″ x 16″
A099-2 Michielle Quek Mei Jun   Charming Clutter 12″ x 18″
A100-1 Jennifer Foo Mui Wah 符妹花 Nature Beauty 12″ x 16″