NAPE Invited Photographer-Vincent Liew


Vincent Liew

Vincent is a visual artist using photography as his main instrument of expression. As an artist, Vincent endeavours to produce work that enables his audience to immerse themselves into his world and engage viewers at a deeper level, both conceptually and emotionally. He aims to achieve a state where the photograph shares a synchronous relationship between the photographer, the subject, the subject’s environment and the viewer.

Vincent’s works have received international awards and shown at several international festivals. He had previously served as a board member of several arts and cultural organizations including Res Artis, a global artist residency organisation, The Photographic Society of Singapore and as academic editor of the Lishui International Photography Festival’s academic conference. Vincent was a recipient of the University Research Scholarship awarded by Nanyang Technological University – School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore. He is currently a university lecturer in photography teaching both theory and practice.