Ngee Ann Photographer of the Year 2024-Victor Chick Wing Hang

Victor Chick Wing Hang

Victor Chick’s photography journey began with the highly accredited New York Institute of Photography in 1982. Chancing upon a correspondence course, he signed up without any hesitation. In an era without the Internet, signing up for courses and joining photography organizations without much prior knowledge was the norm for beginners. Uncertainties and doubts were common, but those were the exciting days.

The course covered a wide range of fundamental photography topics, broadening his knowledge more than usual. However, it was through the experience of following some photography masters that he discovered his passion and interests, eventually setting himself on the path to becoming a photojournalist.

To Victor, photojournalism is about witnessing historical events with his own eyes, roaming restricted zones on his own, attending exclusive functions, and capturing the right moment in the most authentic settings. Through a single image, viewers can be transported right there, right then, experiencing the critical moment as if they were present on-site. For the past 40 years, Victor has devoted himself to this industry, and his news photos have been featured in numerous publications, including those of MICA, Lianhe ZaoBao, statutory boards, community newsletters, and many more.

An active contributor and member of the local photography scene, Victor continuously acquires new skills through networking and sharing knowledge with peers. He enjoys sharing his photojournalism experiences with newcomers. Victor served as the Chairman of the Safra Photography Club from 2009 to 2015. Today, he continues his journey in photography by exploring close-up, architecture, and wildlife photography.

“Photography for leisure is like sailing on a river of expressions guided by the heart. A never-ending journey of learning and sharing, you will always encounter passersby possessing something different which opens new conversations. Be brave, step out, and meet everyone, who knows, someone you’ve recently met could be your next sifu.” – Victor Chick.