NAPE Invited Photographer: Tham Joo Kit, Thomas

  Tham Joo Kit, Thomas

Mr Thomas Tham is a volunteer consultant and founder to few non-profit organizations in Asia. He steps forward to help in building better life for the disadvantaged people. He involved in infrastructure, social and life skill programmes and connecting NGOs to galvanize and share resources from each other.

Thomas’s interest in Photography developed from just a hobby to a medium with a sole purpose to help, to tell the stories of disadvantaged people, especially the children who have been forsaken, through his pictures.

As a humanitarian, photographer and a teacher in photography, Thomas aims to bring about awareness of suffering children to the world and in turn better their lives, for he believes that children today are our future.

Thomas Tham strongly believes that a good honest picture is worth a thousand words: “A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image, often captured in seconds. It also aptly characterises one of the main goals of visualisation, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly,” he explains.

Thomas is well respected for his children advocacy works. He has many fans across the globe and his outstanding works captured the attention and touched many hearts. His works have been exhibited in galleries and published in many magazines.

As an accredited photography instructor with The Photographic Society of Singapore, Thomas is still actively sharing his knowledge with various organizations in Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. Thomas is currently a freelance and contracted photojournalist with Vitamin Angels, USA.



2009 – Epson/ Steve McCurry – 1st Runner-up on “Unguarded Moment”

2010 – Children Of The World, International Photo Competition and Exhibition FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) Silver Award

2012 -“Street, Culture, and Protest Photojournalism” International Photo Contest 1st Placing

2013 – WES Biennial Photography Competition on Environmental Sustainability – Best Local Entry and 2 x FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) Silver Awards

2013 – “Street, Culture, and Protest Photojournalism” International Photo Contest 1st Placing

2014 – “Street, Culture, and Protest Photojournalism” International Photo Contest 1st Placing

2018 – Fujifilm X Photographer (Cambodia ambassador)



2012 – Lomography Photography Exhibition entitled “Pro(ana)logue” at Haji Lane’s studio in Singapore

2012 – Photography Exhibition entitled “The Children of Angkor” at Antwerp, Belgium

2013 – Solo Exhibition in Singapore entitled “Lamentation of Hope” at the Photographic Society Of Singapore

2013 – Photography Exhibition entitled “The Smokey Mountain Children” at SITEX, Singapore

2016 – Photography Exhibition entitles “HOPE” at ION Orchard Art Gallery, Singapore