NAPE Invited Photographer-Patrick Ee Hon Teck

Patrick Ee Hon Teck


F.SEAPS., F.PSNY., A.FIAP., PSA5star.,


Mr Patrick Ee Hon Teck is a renowned photographer in Singapore. A retired teacher, Mr Ee has developed and nurtured his love for photography for more than 50 years. He is creatively diverse and is equally at ease with digital photography. Portraitures, nature, night scene, and travel photography, are amongst the various genres he is adept at working in.

From black and white to color photography, film processing to photo enlargement, Mr Ee takes a hands-on approach to them all.   The numerous awards his works have won and the many local as well as international exhibitions his works have been in attest to Mr Ee’s talent and success as an artist.

In 1986, he obtained Honorary Fellowship titles from the SAFRA Photographic Club and the Singapore Colour Photographic Society. Additionally, he was awarded another Honorary Fellowship title from the China Guizhou Overseas Chinese Photographic society in 1989. Subsequent to these, he has gone on to receive a number of other photographic titles from local and overseas photographic societies. 

As a leader in the field, he has been a judge for photography in various photo contests and exhibitions and has also given presentations and led talks on photography both locally and in China.

To share his knowledge and skills and to promote the art of photography, Mr Ee has lectured on colour photography for the Photo Art Association of Singapore, SAFRA Photographic Club, Singapore Colour Photographic Society, as well as the photographic societies of many community clubs.

His outstanding performance has seen him appointed as advisor to the SAFRA Photographic Society and he is currently the advisor for the Singapore Colour Photographic Society.