NAPE Invited Photographer-Joseph Mak

Joseph Mak

Photography is one of my passions. Travelling is my other passion.

As a hobbyist in photography, I have been able to combine both my passions. I love travelling to different parts of the world, to capture the beautiful landscape and the people whom I come across during my travels.

From the time I picked up photography, I have always abided by two very basic principles –

“Respect the work of others, so that people will respect you”

“At the same time, at the same place, but we will have different photographs, because you and I are different.”

Photography is not just about having the best equipment or the latest gadget. Photography is about seeing things around us. Everyone has different perspective of things, and each views the same subject matter differently. It is always very interesting to see the different perspectives recorded in photographs, and I will always try to understand what story each photographer is trying to tell from their photographs. Every photographer (be it an amateur or a professional) ought to be respected for the work they produce, because each photograph taken by them reflects his own unique personality.

My style of photography is to keep simple and clean. The key element in the photo is to be able to tell a story of the scene. Photography is an art of visual storytelling, rather than snapping a photo by itself. I have been travelling at least 2 trips with 8-14 flights a month since 2012 for personal photography and leading trips.

I started a Travel Photography Company – Unusual Expedition, in order to be licensed with STB to organize trips and know more photographers. I am working with Canon Imaging Academy on their travel trips, as well as their Associate Instructor on the ground in Travel section.

Currently, in my Company Facebook Page, and my own page, I have about 4000 followers based in Singapore which are mainly travellers and hobbyist photographers. Constantly, we are actively expanding our Fans base by promoting in Facebook as well as Magazine, and Newspaper.