NAPE Invited Photographer-Ho Seo Teck


Ho Seo Teck

Ho Seo Teck (Born 1951-) is a member of Singapore Colour Photographic Society. He attended basic black & white as well as colour photographic courses from mentors 王清才and 黄有裕at Boon Lay Community Centre in the 1980s. It wasn’t until the year 2014 that, inspired by mentor Raymond Chua, did he pick up digital photography and embarked on a meaningful journey of serious photographic production. Over the past 7 years, his focal point has been on lotus photography. He has created a series of works, incrementally developing his personal artistic flavour and style.

His lotus photography is weighted heavily on creative constructs and ambience manifestations. In recent year, he has researched a wide spectrum of techniques – enhancing his pursuit for artistic values as well as intrinsic beauties coming from the heart. To him, the process of taking photo itself is akin to a process of creating a musical piece, where the image captured itself is the tune and post-production orchestral completion. Together they form a close symbiotic relationship which is meant to induce touching notions through high levels of personal qualities. He possesses a Master’s degree in Chinese studies, and is a popular ex-broadcaster. He has been a producer-presenter for 95.8 FM, programme director for FM 88.3 and participated in numerous television emcee works in the 1980s. His last held position was editor-in-chief (Chinese) for NTUC media before his current retirement.

Ho Seo Teck’s philosophies matured through processes ranging from verbal broadcasting to written masterpieces and finally through visual representations. In all cases, the piece that is orchestrated stems from both an aesthetic point of view intertwined with inner feelings and interest; only that in case, the chosen media of presentation is in the form of lotus photography.