Ngee Ann Photographer of the Year 2022-Goh Koon Peng

Goh Koon Peng


Mr Goh Koon Peng,  a Hainanese who was born in Singapore in 1955 and devoted himself to photography for 28 years.

Mr Goh’s photography is an expression of the realism of the subjects with a humanitarian touch. A master of light, colour and composition, he is able to capture the perfect moment in a specific time, space of people or scenery without much post-editing. He thrives to show the most authentic side of the subjects and the holistic beauty between humans and their living environment.

Mr Goh was the Ngee Ann Photographer of the Year 2022. 

In the 17th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition 2022, Goh featured 20 photographs, entitled “A New Departure from the Heart”. This series of photographs was taken between 2007 and 2021 in Singapore and various countries and showcases different aspects of humanitarian and their environment.