NAPE Invited Photographer-Foo Tee Jun


Foo Tee Jun

Mr Foo Tee Jun had served in the Ministry of Environment as their resident photographer for more than 20 years and  documented numerous sites of environmental concerns. After retirement, Mr Foo continued to pursue nature photography. Started his first introductory course in 1962, Mr Foo pursues his interest ardently and was awarded as the Cultural Medallion Recipient in 1989.

There is a wide range of subject matters in nature photography to explore on. Prior to shooting an image, the photographer has to love and appreciate the wonders of nature. This involves a lot of research and experiments before one could capture the essence of the subject. Mr Foo hopes to evoke awareness of environmental and green issues through his photographs of nature.

Due to geographical constraints, Singapore is scarce of flora and fauna. Hence, many Singaporeans tend to be apathetic towards nature conservation issues. As such, Mr Foo aims to raise consciousness of environmental issues among Singaporeans through his photographs.