Biography of Ngee Ann TCMC Physicians

Physician: Chua Kim Ke

Academic Achievements :
1. Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2. Registered Chinese Physician, Singapore
3. Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association
4. With 30 years TCM Practicing Experience

Division: Internal Medicine & Acupuncture

Physician : Chua Hiong Geng 

Academic Achievements :
1. Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2. China Fujian Quanzhou School of Medicine, Cert. In Gynaecology
3. Master of Medicine (TCM), Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
4. Registered Chinese Physician, Singapore
5. Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association

Division: Internal Medicine & Acupuncture

Physician: Chiu Chong Sang

Academic Achievements

1.Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, Najing University of C.M.
2.Advanced Diploma in TCM
3.Registered Chinese Physician, Singapore

Division: Osteopathy and Acupuncture

Use of bone manipulation combined with external application of Chinese herbs, bandage bind up, and used the combination of acupuncture to treat spinal disease caused numbness, dizziness, sports injury pain and other disorders. Fractures, dislocations and functional rehabilitation after artificial joint replacement surgery.

 Physician: Tay Mui Chye 

Academic Achievements
1. Diploma, Institute of Chinese Medical studies
2. Diploma in Traditional Masso therapy, Chengdu University of TCM
3. Diploma in Holistic Massage ITEC
4. Diploma in Sport Massage ITEC.
5. Registered Chinese Physician, Singapore
6. Member of the Association for Promoting Chinese Medicine Singapore

Division : Acupuncture, massage therapy