NAPE Invited Photographer-Goh Kok Leong Jack

NAPE Invited Photographer: Goh Kok Leong Jack


Jack is renowned for chairing multiple successful international photography salons and exhibitions. 

As an ardent amateur photographer, Jack is constantly offering his superb photographic skills in supporting various charities and non-profit organizations on a voluntary basis. Although Jack had developed a special interest in Street Realistic photography and Macro photography, he is also an avid Travel photographer. He had travelled extensively around the region to explore new subjects and to hone his photographic skills.

Jack is a multiple award winner. From 2015, he has won 3 gold medal, 3 bronze medal and 21 Honorable Mentions in global photography salon exhibitions. He had received his Excellence Service (ESPSS) distinction and achieved his Associateship (APSS) from The Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS), in recognition of his service contribution and superb photography skills respectively. He had achieved a Crown 2 Exhibitor level(CR2) and Aphrodite distinction, awarded by the Global Photographic Union. Jack is also achieved Artiste FIAP  (AFIAP) distinction, awarded by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and Proficiency (PPSA) Distinction from the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

With his notable international reputation, the United Photographers of Hong Kong (UPHK) and Photographic Society of New Jersey (PSNJ) appointed him as their Honorary Country Representative for Singapore and he was conferred an Honorary Associate of United Photographers of Hong Kong (Hon.AUPHK) and Honorary Associate of Photographic Society of New Jersey (Hon.APSNJ). He is also conferred as an Honorary Fellow of the Sigma Art Photography (Hon.FSAP), a photographic society based in India-Hyderabad, for his excellent contribution to photographic art.

In his capacity as International Salons & Competitions Chairman, Jack chaired the international competitions below:

  • 61st Singapore International Photography Awards 2014 (FIAP 2014/297).
  • 62nd Singapore International Photography Awards 2015 (FIAP 2015/366).
  • 63rd Singapore International Photography Awards 2016 (FIAP 2016/321).
  • 64th Singapore International Photography Awards 2017 (FIAP 2017/285).
  • 1st Lion City International Salon (FIAP 2016/079).
  • 2nd Lion City International Salon (FIAP 2017/019).
  • 1st Pacific-Atlantic International Photographic Circuit-Singapore (FIAP 2016/091).
  • 2nd Pacific-Atlantic International Photographic Circuit-Singapore (FIAP 2017/277).