Ngee Ann Photographer of the Year 2012 – Charlie Lim Boon Khoon

Charlie Lim Boon Khoon

Hon SCPC, SOE Nominee 2009
Singapore Design Golden Jubilee Award 2015
53rd B.O.L.D Artist by The SG100 Foundation
ATIM Artivist Award 2019 (New York)
9th Rotary Club Artisan Award 2023

Based in Singapore, Charlie Lim is a man of many professions – an art director, commercial photographer, fine art veteran and a collector of vintage items.  With a career spanning more than four decades, Charlie has worked with a diverse range of clients, from famous celebrities to politicians to ordinary families; all this while continually refining his techniques and pushing the boundaries of photography.  His work encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, from portraits to food presentation, product, industrial and aerial photography.

More than just photography, Charlie has created an innovative product which he describes as “Talking Walls” which are personalized art works, that can be printed on a wide range of medium such as leather, wood, glass and mirror etc.

Closest to his heart, however, is his signature art form dubbed “Light Paintography” a one of its kind light painting photography.  Conceptually, Charlie uses a light source to “paint” a subject, creating a light and shadow effect of an “oil-painting”. The end product will be a stunning photograph that when printed on canvas, resembles a Rembrandt painting.