Dr Tan It Koon -NACC Adviser

Dr Tan It Koon studied under first generation pioneering artists of Singapore, Liu Kang and Chen Wen Hsi at the Chinese High School. He had continued to draw and exhibit while he received his post-doctoral professional training overseas and prepared for membership examinations of the College of Pathology (1966-1968). After his return from professional training as a pathologist overseas, he continued to study Chinese ink and colour brush painting with Chen Wen Hsi between 1969 and 1975. He also continued to study with Chai Hwan Ching and Wu Mo Lin, a well-respected artist from Beijing.

Dr Tan is the honourable recipient of two National Day awards, a PPA Medal Award in 1979, in recognition of excellence in public administration for his work in healthcare at the Ministry of Health and the Singapore General Hospital, and the Public Service Medal in 1988 for contributions to the community, especially in the development of the arts.

In additional to his passion for the visual and fine arts, Dr Tan is also an accomplished musician and pianist, contributing as much to the development of the musical scene in Singapore.