Traditional Chinese Medicine Newsletter 1

Stroke Warning Signs

Stroke occurs suddenly. If you have any of these symptoms, you must get to a hospital quickly to begin treatment.

1.  Numbness of the face, arm or leg, particularly on one side of the body, or complete paralysis of one side of the body, weakness of arm or leg, one arm is unable to raise,handheld objects falling from grip, or could  not hold bowls or chopsticks properly.

2.  Abrupt loss of vision, or sudden dimness of vision in one or both eyes, double vision.

3.   Trouble with speaking and understanding, speech slurredor garbled.

4.  Sudden severe headache with no known cause, usually accompanied by nausea,vomiting, followed quickly by loss of consciousness.

5.  Short term memory loss.

6.  Sudden confusion or trouble understanding other people, lack of concentration, reduced efficiency, incontinence.

7.   Face may droop to one side. Mouth may droop when trying to smile.

8.   Difficulty swallowing, numbness in the tongue, tongue skewing to one side.

9.   Difficulty walking, loss of balance or lack coordination, unexplained dizziness o r sudden falls.

10. Constant twitching, fingers between the thumb and second finger cramped frequently. Often feels chest tightness.

11. Patients with hypertension frequently experience epistaxis, retinal haemorrhage, and haematuria. Thrombosis may occur within 6 months.

12. Sudden dizziness during fatigue or while having a shower or when one wakes up early in the morning.If more than 5 times recurring vertigo within 2 days, there is a high risk of ischemic orhaemorrhage stroke from occurring.

13. Stiff neck.

14. Drowsiness phenomenon and dozing off easily during the day. It is likely an indication of an ischemic stroke.

15.  Frequent yawning.These patients are likely to suffer from cerebral ischemic.About 5 to 10 days before the onset of an ischemic stroke, patients will tend to yawn excessively.

16.  A sudden increase in blood pressure to 200/120 mmHg or more, is an indication of the occurrence of a cerebral haemorrhage. Blood pressure suddenly drops to 80/50 mmHg or less, is an indication of a cerebral ischemic stroke.

Before the onset of stroke, there will be some warning signs, but if these symptoms do not cause enough attention, it will result in patients missing the best time for treatment. As the current pace of life is too fast, there is an increase in the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease. Insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain resulting in drowsiness and fatigue phenomenon will occur. In addition, there will be numbness in the fingers, crooked mouth,a droopy eye, sudden severe headache and slurred speech. Timely measures will reduce the risk of fatal stroke disability.

Once an indication of stroke has occurred, one should be careful not to massage the neck, especially the back of the neck. It is also inappropriate to rotate the neck. If there are hardenings of the arteries, the condition may be more serious than a regular stroke. If one were to lie down and sudden dizziness or severe headache occurs, it is a medical emergency and treatment must be sought quickly so that you do not miss the critical rescue period.

Physician: Tay Mui Chye